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  • So many things!

    Margaux and me post-graduation ceremony

    WELL, I may not have kept this blog up, but I’ve accomplished a few other things in the meantime:

    BABY- She’s here (and has been here for awhile…whoops)! On Valentine’s Day, at 1:43 a.m., almost a month before her due date, we welcomed Margaux Juliet into our little family. She is the most beautiful and cleverest and sweetest baby in the world. So far this has been the hardest five months of my life, but hey, I’m still standing. Although if I’m honest, there are lots of days when I’m still standing only because I have to be. I want to write a separate post about how motherhood has been so far, but in the meantime, here are a few recent Margaux pictures from our trip to Vermont.

    Reunited after five days apart! Margaux looks so beautiful and melancholy. Which would not be an inaccurate description for many of her days.

    Margaux got to dip her pretty toes into this pretty lake. We hiked up here, and Josh wore her in the Baby Bjorn. When he took it off, he had a Baby Bjorn shaped sweat mark taking up his entire torso. #trooper

    Margaux's first Fourth of July

    My two favorite people

    MFA- Which leads me to this! We just returned home this week from my final residency at Vermont College of Fine Arts. There, I gave my first reading and my first lecture, attended the lectures and readings of my comrades, participated in the final workshop of my MFA career—and laughed a lot with a group of people I really love. I had no idea what I was getting myself into two years ago, but I’m leaving with so many good things: I’m a better writer—and I expected that, if I expected anything at all—but now I have a tribe, and I didn’t really expect that. I’m a tiny part of an important community. I have friends who will read my work, whose work I will read, who will celebrate with me and listen patiently to my litany of anxieties about writing and motherhood. Thank you, VCFA, for giving these things to me, and thank you for the adventure.

    WRITING- Finishing this last semester with a baby was super hard, but in a way, the timing was a gift. I didn’t even have a chance to take a real break from writing because I was still in the middle of the semester. I was trying to finish a novella. I was putting together my creative thesis. I was writing my lecture. My advisor was wonderful and understanding, but I still had to get all these things done; I had to learn how to write in whatever tiny moments of quiet were awarded to me. Thankfully, Josh and my family have been incredibly supportive, and finishing this semester really became a team effort. It would have been impossible without them. This semester, too, right before I went up to Vermont, I found out that a story of mine will be published in the Winter 2015 issue of Ploughshares!

    READING- In another post—and I feel confident I can actually do this one because it’s a list and how hard is it to write a list?—I’ll make a list of what I’ve read this semester. When your baby will only nap if you hold her, you actually get a lot of reading done. :)

    It really has been an amazing past few months, but I’m afraid this post doesn’t do justice to its hard parts, which have been so hard, so painful. When I realized what it would really be like to be a mom, I made a promise to myself that I would be as honest as I could about what motherhood has been like so far for me, and I hope that I’ll be able to share a little bit of that here, if I get the chance. If Margaux lets me. Haha. 

    Here a few pictures from my last few days at residency!

    Liz and Margaux finally meet!

    Historical swordplay at the talent show because why wouldn't there be?