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  • Tin House + New Story Out Soon + Harvey

    The Link Crew

    Hello out there!

    It's been a busy summer, and now it's already the middle of September! Here is a quick rundown of what's been happening lately:

    • Tin House- I was lucky to have the opportunity to attend the Tin House Summer Workshop in July, where I got to work with Kelly Link and attend lectures and readings by some of the best writers and teachers out there. Workshops themselves can be hit or miss, but ours was full of smart, talented, kind writers, and Kelly was a wonderful and brilliant leader. As always, it was hard to be away from Margaux, but I came home from Portland ready to work. I'm currently seeking representation for my novel (officially! Cross your fingers for me!), so I've spent the last few months working on short stories while I wait to hear back.

    • New story coming out!- Speaking of stories, I have a new story coming out in Post Road this winter! I'm thrilled. I'll post a link where you can read or buy when it's published. 

    • Hurricane Harvey- There's so much to say about what we've experienced here in Houston in the past few weeks. It's been scary and inspiring and devastating--and now heartbreaking to watch people in the Caribbean and Florida live through the same thing with Irma. Margaux and I evacuated before the storm, but Josh stayed home to monitor the situation and help where he was needed. Our neighborhood is near a bayou and in a flood plane, but we miraculously avoided flooding in our home, and we are so thankful. I've been defending Houston for years, telling people that it's not what they think it is, that it's diverse and exciting and full of kind, strong people, and while I hate for this to be the reason why people have come to realize what I've known for so long, I'm glad that everyone else is seeing why Houston is such a special place.

    Reunited after Tin House!

    Sporting her new Powell's Books shirt!